The Texas Perinatal Association Awards Grants

Your Membership Dollars at Work

The Texas Perinatal Association is pleased to announce that 4 grants totaling $6000 were awarded to the following organizations:

  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas: Perinatal Mood Disorders Training Program – to provide medical professionals, families, and birth professionals with the tools necessary to identify perinatal mood disorders in clients and family members, and to direct these individuals to medical and social resources.
  • Healthy Families San Angelo “Steps to Success” program – Healthy Families San Angelo works to educate families on the benefits of healthy birth spacing and promote the cognitive and physical development of their children.
  • Learning Through Simulation: Neonatal Scenarios & Procedures, El Paso – This program will promote inter-professional education and quality of care improvement in newborn care in the El Paso, TX area.
  • Angel Layettes – This program provides comfort, love and dignity in the midst of one of life's greatest tragedies, the loss of a child prior to birth and those who die shortly after birth, by providing hospitals, birth centers, and families with much needed items that are especially suited for the small and fragile bodies,  and beautifully appropriate to bring honor and dignity to the life of a precious child.

 With these funds, local organizations will be able to provide continuing education for practitioners, families and caregivers using the multidisciplinary team approach; develop future leaders in Perinatal Health; and present family and consumer education opportunities.